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The Year of Months

KOrtizzle's Grab Bag Giveaway

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been crazy busy with moving, starting my new job (yay!) and launching a huge campaign for the Foundation. So here's a quick post about Kathleen Ortiz's grab bag giveaway. I figured most of you, Dear Readers, are readers and/or writers so you might be interested in this one. Here are some deets from KOrtizzle's blog:

Top 3 highest point holders will win. If there's a tie, I'll use a number generator.

Prize: Three random YA or MG books from my stash, though most are from July 2009 - August 2010 (yes, some ARCs are involved). Plus an additional prize that will consist of the following: bookstore gift card, note for a query critique, note for a synopsis critique, note for a first chapter critique or an extra book.

Ya won't know what you get 'till you open your package :)

Point system:
+1 New blog follower
+2 Current blog follower
+2 Refer someone (you must list who, and they must list you as well - no limit)
+1 Saying you were referred by someone (you must list who, and they must list you as well - only one)
+1 Link my contest to your blog (include link)
+1 Link my contest to your Twitter (include link)
+2 Post an actual blog entry detailing this contest and include what you hope to get if you win

See the original post here.

I'd love to win this! If I do, I'd like to get some awesome YA books, especially those in the fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal areas! (I just hope my bookcase won't collapse when I add more books to it! I have an addiction, I can admit it). As for the "additional prize," I'd be honored to receive a first chapter critique from the lovely lady agent, but I'd also be happy with a bookstore gift card - so I can further feed my addiction. As most of you know, I've already received a query critique from her - which was awesome! (and, I'm still working on revisions so, no, I haven't sent her the partial she requested).

Post Card Month! (and Photo Month wrap-up)

As most of you know, May will be post card month for the Year of Months! This means I will write and send (theoretically) a post card every day to a different person. I ordered some very nice postcards but they haven't arrived yet so I'm using some touristy cards I've been picking up around town until then.

It's kinda fun so far. I've realized something already: Postcards are sorta like the pre-internet version of writing on someone's Facebook wall.

I still owe y'all the last four pictures of Photo Month, so here we go.

April 27th. This glass is not "beer-clean," later known as "beer-ready." I'm pretty sure AB invented the concept, but there are many ways to tell your beer glass isn't up to cleanliness standards. One of them is the bubbles that are formed on the side of this glass here.
April 28th. Kayelee made me take this picture. She said, "What a horrible way to die! How did he even get in there."

April 29th. I told K this is what our Cylon overlords will think I look like when they take over because this is what it looks like most of the time while I'm sitting at my computer - while editing.

April 30th. I really didn't think my LAST picture for Photo Month would be this silly, but... I mean, just look at that lady's claws! How do you even function like that?? (Also, please ignore my blindingly white leg in the bottom of the picture)