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The Year of Months

Which Month is September?

As you may or may not have noticed, August is over and September has begun. Now I know you’re all just dying to know what month September will be in my Year of Months, so I won’t keep you guessing any longer. My birthday month (yep, I celebrate for a whole month; it was a momentous occasion) will be:

Craft Month!

This is one that I’ve been putting off for a while because I’m pretty horrible at crafts. In fact, it was about three hours away from being Vegetarian Month when I decided I didn’t want to be a vegetarian for both Dragon*Con and my birthday. I’ll probably do that next month.

The rules of Craft Month are:
1) I must work on a crafty type thing for at least thirty minutes a day
2) I think that’s it. No more rules.
3) But I didn’t want to make a list with only one thing on it. Or two, for that matter.

Last night I spent nearly two hours on Craft Month activities because I’m giving myself a pass for Dragon*Con; it’s going to be too crazy and I don’t want to drag supplies all the way to Georgia with me.

A little while ago, my roommate and sister saw a friendship anklet a friend wore. They both declared they wanted one, so I told them I would make them roommate anklets with the huge box of jewelry-making supplies my mom had given me earlier in the week. So last night, I did just that. 

Mine (green and black beads - sorry for the bad lighting) is pictured above. Chelsea’s is made with black beads with silver and gold squiggles and it says “Laugh.” Kayelee’s is made with black beads with a white splatter pattern and her charm says “Love.” I’m not entirely confident in the construction of these anklets (though I didn’t tell K and Chels that), so I won’t be surprised if they fall apart at some point – but they’re really pretty now!

My next few projects are probably going to involve mending all the sheets Jasper has torn when he leaps with his death-talons onto my bed in one of his crazed playing runs.

My loving sister: So how many pieces of jewelry am I going to have to wear by the time this month is over?
Me: ‘Have to wear’? You mean ‘how many pieces of jewelry will you have the great honor of wearing,’ right?

For those wondering, Revision Month went remarkably well but not quite as planned. There were many days when I wasn’t able to spend five minutes, much less an hour, working on my book – but I still got A LOT of revising done, definitely more than 31 hours worth in the month. Yay! Go me! 

Now back to my regularly scheduled expanding of my horizons...