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Dragon*Con 2010 Recap

As many of you know, I went to Dragon*Con this weekend and it was my first time. For those who have never heard of it, it “is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe!” When it came to sessions, I focused mostly on the writing track.

I live blogged the conference via Tumblr posting from my phone (See! I was taking notes, not texting). I did this mainly at the request of my friend Adam - and I know a lot of people who might benefit from it. I’ve linked the writing-related ones at the bottom of this email.

Well, I just want to say that the rumors are true: Dragon*Con is awesome. I met so many fantastic people, got a long list of book recommendations, learned a lot and laughed until my stomach hurt! Here’s a recap of my first night.

I really only had one major issue during Dragon*Con, which I posted on Tumblr here. Summary: I lost my badge (meaning it got ripped off in the middle of a massive half-drunk crowd) and their badge replacement policy is this: Buy a new one.

I got two awesome t-shirts (a Firefly and a Doctor Who) from Stylin Online and a smaller vendor. If you want to order from Stylin Online use the code “stylin2010con” for free shipping. They have some great shirts including some old-school cartoon styles!

Next year (and I DO plan on going next year!), I hope to reserve a room in one of the host hotels because having to leave the party in time to make the bus was kind of a drag. Our hotel was only 0.7 miles away, but walking in downtown Atlanta at night isn’t the smartest idea.

I might even dress up next year. I’d love to do a Mockingjay suit if I can swing it. I met a guy whose sole motivation for working out is costuming. He’s one of The Spartans and is really in to costumes and such.  He (obviously) was a huge proponent of me dressing up next year; he even gave me the name of his costume guy in Orlando.

On Saturday, I wore my "I learned to read from a rainbow" shirt with a rainbow and the Reading Rainbow butterfly on it and it was a great hit. I had people shouting at me across the street about it. On Sunday, I wore my Mockingjay shirt and got a few comments on it. As I was leaving, I discovered a girl wearing the same shirt. We high-fived each other.

Have you ever been to Dragon*Con? Do you plan on going in the future?

Writing session notes:

World Building
Goal Motivation Conflict
Fightin’ and Writin’
Pros Discuss Plot
Creating Unforgettable Characters (and my new crush on AJ Hartley)
How to Spice Up Your Fiction
In the Beginning: What You Need to Know
Marketing Yourself


The writing session notes are fantastic, and they really make me want to make 2011 or 2012's convention! Thanks very much for documenting your experience so well!


Nice write up - and it was great meeting you at Dragon*Con. Just a note, the guy who you mentioned regarding working out to look good in costumes is "Tentacle Chris." His blog is

Let me know if you make it to any Florida cons this year; otherwise I look forward to seeing you for another exciting night at the Metro Diner at Dragon*Con 2011!


Great write up!! Great meeting you this weekend through Steph! Completely sucks about your badge though. You'll have an even better time next year, especially if you become involved in costuming and stay in one of the three major hotels. Soooooo much easier for nappage during the day, lol.