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The Year of Months

Two Things I Realized Yesterday

Guess what I realized yesterday? Two things, actually. 

1: It's August. I need to pick a new YOM theme. Yeah, I'm a little late. I'm sorry that this month's theme is going to be a little boring to y'all, but it's something I need to do. It's kind of a cheat since I'm not really expanding my horizons. It's going to be Revision Month. I'm SOO close to the end of revisions for Miranda's Fire (though further than I thought due to one little question from Donald Maas) and I really need to dedicate myself to it.

Y'all know one of my favorite authors is Laurie Halse Anderson. She's hosting an event she calls WFMAD: Write Fifteen Minutes A Day. (Join us! It's not too late to jump in.) However, I'm going to be revising, which isn't necessarily writing; often it involves pulling one's hair and making unintelligible noises at the ceiling. And I'm going to dedicate myself to one hour (or more) a day instead of fifteen minutes. Don't worry, next month I'll go back to pushing my personal limits.

Some of y'all may be wondering how Workout Before Work Month went. Reader's Digest version: Not well. Jasper was happy when we went on walks, but I hate mornings. That's not going to change anytime soon. 

2: I didn't have a "Follow" widget for the blog. Now I do. Take a look over there ------> and clicksy on the "Follow" button if you'd like. Let me know that more than just my mom reads my blog.

Oh crap. Actually, I don't even think she reads it.

On a mostly unrelated note, if you're a writer and you're needing a little encouragement (and who doesn't, really?), check out these two posts: YA writer TH Mafi has another knock-out post entitled "Seven Reasons Why You Rock My World" and lit agent Rachelle Gardner compares us to Olympic Athletes.


Cool post! I love Laurie Halse Anderson too! She recently made my YA top 10 list. :-)

Thanks for all of the interesting links.


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