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100th Blog Post

Look, Dear Readers, it's a milestone! This is my 100th blog post since I started this blog. Ok, well there are some technicalities - like blog posts that I've deleted, so it's probably closer to 110 posts. But that's not important.

Y'all read my last post about the Psoriasis Walk, right? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you did. Since then, one of my awesome coworkers, Jen (the same one I've been getting the recipes from), has signed her entire family up to be on my team! And we've already raised almost $300 - 30% of our team goal. We're currently the top team in fundraising for the Tampa walk (ok, I know it doesn't happen until November, but it's something).

Hopefully, some of my other coworkers and friends will join (hint, hint, winky face) - because it's going to be awesome. I'm planning on making a day out of it and doing some kind of something. Like a picnic in the park or a winery tour or SOMETHING fun. So please join my team and walk with me to cure psoriasis (or if you live in some random place like Missouri or California or, you know, NOT Florida, you can just donate).

I have two recipes from yesterday to post, but I'm waiting on my sister to send me the pictures (my phone was dead)... so if you know her, feel free to bug her for me. ;-)