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KOrtizzle's Grab Bag Giveaway

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been crazy busy with moving, starting my new job (yay!) and launching a huge campaign for the Foundation. So here's a quick post about Kathleen Ortiz's grab bag giveaway. I figured most of you, Dear Readers, are readers and/or writers so you might be interested in this one. Here are some deets from KOrtizzle's blog:

Top 3 highest point holders will win. If there's a tie, I'll use a number generator.

Prize: Three random YA or MG books from my stash, though most are from July 2009 - August 2010 (yes, some ARCs are involved). Plus an additional prize that will consist of the following: bookstore gift card, note for a query critique, note for a synopsis critique, note for a first chapter critique or an extra book.

Ya won't know what you get 'till you open your package :)

Point system:
+1 New blog follower
+2 Current blog follower
+2 Refer someone (you must list who, and they must list you as well - no limit)
+1 Saying you were referred by someone (you must list who, and they must list you as well - only one)
+1 Link my contest to your blog (include link)
+1 Link my contest to your Twitter (include link)
+2 Post an actual blog entry detailing this contest and include what you hope to get if you win

See the original post here.

I'd love to win this! If I do, I'd like to get some awesome YA books, especially those in the fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal areas! (I just hope my bookcase won't collapse when I add more books to it! I have an addiction, I can admit it). As for the "additional prize," I'd be honored to receive a first chapter critique from the lovely lady agent, but I'd also be happy with a bookstore gift card - so I can further feed my addiction. As most of you know, I've already received a query critique from her - which was awesome! (and, I'm still working on revisions so, no, I haven't sent her the partial she requested).


"now through 5/21/10...we're all too late! Want some ARCs? I've got Matched, Delirium (both reviewed on Goodreads, so I can ship tomorrow), Nightshade, Sapphique (sequel to Incarceron), Infinite Days, and a hard cover of Mistwood.


Oh gosh, i just realized you said "Matched"! YES PLEASE! You're awesome!