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The Year of Months

Today's Pic AND Bonus Video!

Today, Kayelee and I went to see Robert Venditti (author of The Surrogates) give a talk. It was a special "open to the public" session of a Creative Writing class at UCF. 

Can you believe some of those students came in, signed the attendance sheet (for extra credit) and left?! Ungrateful little ... Oh wait, I'm starting to sound like an old person.

Me and K were two of the few there who weren't in some UCF writing class. I know there was at least one other there - this hot guy who sat behind us. Oh well, we enjoyed it. And K has a strange fascination with signed books.... Seriously, it's kinda creepy.

Speaking of my charming sister, I've always said that we should have a TV show. Like the Kardashians, but way more awesome. As proof, I submit to you this video from our explorations of Celebration this weekend. And the conversation (if you can call it that) we had on the way home from UCF. Only, I don't have that recorded so you're going to have to just watch the video. :-)


Speaking of famous people, autographed things and girls trip. Guess what is an auction item for ARTscape, Sunday, April 25. Trip to California complete with Universal Back Lot tour of Desperate Housewives, dinner at Wolfgang Puck, etc. etc. ohhh, and don't forget Tour of ABC's TV hit series "Castle" WHILE FILMING!!! AWESOME!


CASTLE!!! I want to go! I can bid $5. Maybe $10!

Also, I meant to say that Robert was very nice and we chatted about UF (he did his undergrad there) and about bars at UF :-D