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Pics: UCF Book Festival and Puppy Eyes

Yesterday, I went to the UCF Book Festival. It was great! One of the highlights for me was getting to meet Janice Hardy. I'd been reading her blog for a while so that was fun. This picture is from when I got her to sign her book, The Shifter. (The lights in the arena are really bad for pictures so they all pretty much look like this.)

In addition to book signings and vendor booths, they had panels all day where authors and editors talked about books and book-related topics. Most of the people there were teachers and librarians. I wonder why there weren't as many readers there? It's a good chance they weren't marketed to. I only found out about it because I periodically check UCF's public event calendar for my Central Florida Events page.


I'm taking the easy way out today and going with a puppy pic (my first one for the month!). But look at those eyes! This is what I face every time I have to leave the house.


How fun! I love Janice's blog and her book sounds amazing. I'm so jealous!


:-) It was fun. She even called me out in her panel when somebody asked about how to find other writers.


Great fun to meet you, Sarah! (Finally got caught up with my comments and saw your link). I hope I'm down your way again before too long.