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Pics: I've Been Busy

I haven't posted a pic since Sunday, so I have a little catch-up to do.

Monday's picture is of an apartment complex's leasing/clubhouse area. I don't even remember which one. After a while, they all look the same. They have a sort of faux elegance that (I guess) is supposed to convince you they are, in fact, a 'luxury' complex. I've looked at 30 apartment complexes this week (Some of them were in I'm-just-going-to-lock-my-doors-and-keep-driving areas so I didn't look at 30 apartments). I have some tips for the folks who come up with the marketing materials.
  • If EVERY complex says they have "luxury" apartments, the word doesn't mean anything anymore. Come up with something else.
  • Calling an apartment that looks at a retention pond "lake view" and then saying you're going to charge me extra for this "wonderful" view makes me want to punch you in the face. Lucky for you, I have a great imagination and simply imagining this act makes me feel better.
  • On a related note, having an upgrade charge for ANY floor you choose is kinda ridiculous.
  • You cannot say that a 2-bedroom with 900 sq feet is an "open, spacious floorplan." Unless you're in NYC. Which you're not.
  • What exactly does "resort-style" pool mean? Because you all say you have one, but some are really crappy so I'm confused.
  • Three machines does not translate to "state-of-the-art fitness center."
  • Don't advertise that you have a clubhouse if the residents can't actually use it.
  • Do not have your leasing agents say something like: "You really should put down a deposit today because these are going so fast!" Um, I know that Orlando's apartment, condo, and house vacancy rate is 28%. Remember what I said about wanting to punch you in the face?
End rant. On a brighter note, I may soon be sharing an apartment with one of my favorite people: Chelsea. (In addition to K. Don't worry, I haven't been able to get rid of her yet ;-) )


Tuesday's pic is of the wonderful weather we had Tuesday night. Beautiful, isn't it? I got soaked running from Barnes and Noble to my car. Approximately 15 minutes after this picture was taken, I was snuggled in my bed with two adorable puppies. THAT is how you deal with this kind of weather.

To describe Wednesday's picture, I'm going to have to rehash some of Rachael Leigh Cook's immortal words: This is your brain. This is what happens to your brain after watching LOST.

And doesn't Jasper look as happy as a clam in this picture? (Or as Kayelee would say, he's a clam-face) He <3's David. And Andrew. And Chelsea. And Sam. And Aaron. And just about everyone who comes over except JM and people who yell a lot.


I haven't taken today's picture yet. Also, I'm going to be in Cincinnati (RANDOM side note: this is the first time I've spelled that city correctly the first time I tried - and I've been typing it for weeks. Yay me.) this weekend for a Foundation meeting, so I'm going to have LOTS of new material for my pictures.

See you on the flip side! :-)