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The Year of Months

Pic: Just Before the Dawn

I took this picture this morning while waiting for Panera to open.

After I took it, I started thinking about the magic of those few minutes just before the sun rises. It's the visual promise of a new day. It's when you have no idea what's going to happen, but you're looking forward to it anyway.

So it's funny that I took this a few hours before I received some not-so-good news. I hadn't told too many people this: I was in the process of applying for Commission with the Coast Guard. It has been a long process and I was supposed to find out in mid-May if I got in.

I found out today that I have been medically disqualified. (I always hate my psoriasis, but some days I hate it more than others)

Oh well, I guess. One door closes... how soon until the next one opens?