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The Year of Months

Pic: Construction Site

This construction site is right next to our apartment (In fact, I think one of those buildings in the distance is mine). It's going to be the future home of the Dr. Phillips Foundation.

I walked by this today on my walk with Jasper (K and Hannah came this time too!). As I was looking at the site, examining how the excavation was going, I realized something: I used to get paid good money for managing things like this. Now I get paid no money for writing books and little money for sitting in locked rooms. (Though, I'm working on changing that - but I've been working on it for a year)

It's amazing how much my life has changed in a little over a year. I'm not sure whether or not I miss the work itself (there's really nothing I'd rather be doing than writing books!) but I know I miss the paycheck. I miss being able to register for conferences whenever I wanted to and not worrying about how to pay for it. I miss walking into a bookstore and walking out with a bag full of new books. I miss not thinking twice about taking Hannah to the vet every time she did so much as cough. I miss being able to go to dinner with friends without wondering if it's going to effect my ability to pay rent next month.

Those people who give you a superior look and so easily say, "Money isn't everything." - They obviously don't realize how much being poor sucks. No, it's not everything. But it helps.

End rant.

And for those of you wondering why I'm posting random pictures on my blog, see here.