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The Year of Months

Pic: Celebration

<-- This building is very important to me. Well, to be more precise, what goes on in this building is very important to me. You've seen and heard about my writing/editing spaces, but this is where the real magic happens. This building is where a group of talented writers meet every week to critique each other. Inside these four walls, I may hear things I don't want to about my work - but I need to hear them. So I can get better.

I took a few pictures at Celebration today, but not enough for an album so I'm going to post them all here. Today was the sixth day in a row of absolutely gorgeous weather in Central Florida. I was walking around thinking "Why in the world would anyone NOT want to live here?" Seriously, just take a look at these pics and try to tell me you don't want to book a suite at the Celebration Hotel right now.