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The Year of Months

New Job

I know I'm behind on posting pics, but I just wanted to throw this up since so many people are asking questions about it.

I got a job today. Kinda. It's a 6-month contract position with the possibility (if the company continues to do well) of going on full time. I'll be working in the Contracts department of Rotech Healthcare working on all aspects of contracts. The pay is decent (much better than what I've been scraping by with the last year or so) and she promised me the work would be challenging.

I like what the manager told me about her management style and she seems to love her team. They're not exactly paying me what I'm worth (but, seriously, who really can? ;-) ) though it seems so many companies are taking advantage of the economic situation in this way.

I'm most excited about having a regular schedule again. Even though I've had plenty of time recently, it's hard for me to do anything on such a random schedule.

This has been a GOOD week for me. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

On another note, I've decided that May will be Postcard Month so make sure I have your updated address and you may be one of the 31 lucky people to receive a postcard from yours truly :-)