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The Year of Months

March Ends, April Begins - Year of Months style

Before I start, I just wanted to link to two awesome things going on in my world right now. My sister has declared that she is FINALLY going to start video blogging. I can't wait because she's pretty hilarious - at least to me. Also, my Twitter-friend ChristaCarol is running a contest to give away a lot of great YA books. You should check it out and check out her blog.

Thank you, Dear Readers, for voting! I know I didn't give y'all much time to vote, but it had to be decided before midnight. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of Photo Month! This means I will take a photo every day in April. Some days it may spark a blog post, some days it may just be a picture. I have a feeling a majority of the pictures will be taken with my camera phone because I have an amazing talent for forgetting things at home - like my camera. That and it's SO much easier to upload from my camera.

What will I take pictures of? I dunno. Whatever strikes my fancy that day, I suppose. Let me just warn y'all, I've never claimed to be a good photographer - so don't expect TOO much.

Now, I know some of you (OK, probably just one of you) are wondering how Bike Month went. Um, how exactly do I say this...?  

I didn't ride my bike once! 

OK, wait... I have a story. For the first few days I just didn't go anywhere within seven miles because I was working a lot. After that, I found myself consolidating my trips. If I wanted to go to Walgreens, I'd wait until I drove by it on the way home from work. The first time I had somewhere to bike to, it was to Firehouse Subs for lunch one day. The day was so nice (and I knew they don't have a bike rack) that I decided to walk (1.5 miles, one way) instead. I've walked to many places this month that are within 2 miles of my apartment.

It wasn't until mid-March I had somewhere I wanted to bike to. So I went in to the garage to get my bike out, only to discover my front tire was flat - and I mean FLAT! I didn't want to hunt for my hand pump so I talked Kayelee into going and made her drive.

A few days later I found my pump and tried to put air in the tire. I don't know if I'm just a wimp or there's a hole in the tire, but I pumped FOREVER and it never got less flat. So that's the first day I cheated. I drove to Bento to get some writing in. I only cheated one other time - today when I went to Barnes and Noble to write because I didn't get around to it until 8pm and I didn't want to lose more writing time (they close at 10).

In summary, I didn't ride my bike once during Bike Month, but that doesn't mean I didn't work toward the purpose of this month. The purpose was to increase my activity levels while reducing my carbon footprint. So we're going to call March a semi-success.


PS: Y'all know you're going to see lots of puppy pics because that's going to be my back-up plan when I don't take a pic all day. :-)


hahaha sarah you're hilarious



:-) i'm glad i entertain you jackie