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Best Day EVER!

Normally, when I'm behind on posting pictures, I post the oldest ones first. But today, I'm starting with today's pic. Why, you may ask, is this today's picture? Read on.

We had a rental agent coming to look at our apartment at 10 am so I woke K up at 8 am so she could clean her room before he got here. We tidied up and after he left, we went to look at apartments. Our goal was to decide by today where we were going to be living (in case you missed it, we're rooming with my Sorority sister Chelsea). 

In between apartments, we stopped by Verizon because K's phone had stopped working yesterday. Verizon sent me an email a week or two ago that said if we upgraded to a a Palm Pre or Pixi, we would get free Mobile Hotspot (it turns your phone into a mini wireless router for up to four devices). So K and I both got a Palm Pre Plus - for $25 each! They only had one in stock, so mine will arrive in a few days but it's an AWESOME phone and I'm so excited.

I had an interview at 2pm and at 1pm, when we were eating lunch, I called my recruiter because she had asked me to in order to help me prepare. She informed me that my interviewer was in an ambulance on her way to the hospital. So my interview is postponed until further notice. (I know, you're thinking this probably isn't the way to start a blog titled "Best Day EVER!" but please bear with me)

After looking at the three remaining choices for apartments, we decided (while eating gelato at a cute little cafe) on The District at Universal. It's a cute, trendy kinda place and all three of us get walk-in closets!! :-D We're all super excited.

So, after deciding this, we wanted to put a deposit down to hold our apartment. K and I (Chels was still at work) found the closest ATM and withdrew money to get a money order. While we were in line at the Post Office, my aunt called me. We had some hints that something exciting was coming so K leaned over to listen with me. My aunt works at a small non-profit in Tulsa and they had a huge fundraiser yesterday with an auction. She told us that, for our birthdays (yes, 5 and a little over 8 months away) she bid and won an item for us. Here is the description of the item:

A trip to LA, CA where you can be ON SET DURING FILMING OF "Castle", and tour backlot sets of "Desperate Housewives", plus stay at the Sheridan Universal Studios, airline tickets, dine at Wolfgang Puck, UWink, The Grill on the Alley and other wonderful treats.

I'M GOING TO SEE A FILMING OF CASTLE!!! When she told me this I started squealing in the middle of the post office and Kayelee shushed me. People were staring at me, but who cares? Two words, people: Nathan Fillion

Then we put down the deposit on our apartment. I couldn't stop grinning.


Pic for Friday April 23rd. I took this shortly after arriving at the Residence Inn near the Cincinnati Airport. I took it because it struck me as strange when I realized how quickly I feel at home in these kinds of places. I spent so long living in hotels that I'm almost immediately comfortable in them.


Pic for Saturday April 24th. Here's a picture of the Foundation's Board of Directors (plus a BOD Alum) hard at work.


I took this picture shortly before my plane landed in Orlando on Sunday. It was the first time I looked at a city lit up at night and thought about how wasteful it is. I know that many of these lights are necessary for safety reasons, but I wish it wasn't so. There's also humans' inherent fear of the dark to contend with. But I wonder how much energy is wasted - how much pollution is created - just to keep cities lit at night. I mean, you can see this stuff from space!


How cool for you! DH and I just recently got into this show so I can actually share your excitement. It took a few episodes to grow on me, but leaving it on in the background got me involved. :-) Plus yeah - eye candy!