Sarah's Scribbles

The Year of Months

4/12 Pic: Harley and 4/13 Pic: Life-saving Buckets

Last night, my job was to watch this motorcycle. For eight hours. In a locked room. I pretty much have the most exciting job ever. (That was sarcasm in case y'all didn't catch that)

On top of the thrilling task, I opened my book and discovered it was actually the third in a trilogy and not the first as I had expected. So I watched TV shows all night on my cell phone. Thank goodness for VCast.

 These buckets save lives. Don't believe me? Watch this. (Bonus: It has Anderson Cooper)

Also, if you'd like to help Firehouse Subs help firefighters (for free) go to their Chip In Program on Facebook.


Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation

Hi Sarah! Robin and Meghan from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation want to thank you for supporting our cause and spreading our mission.


:-) No problem! I <3 Firehouse