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The Year of Months

Quick Post for My Fellow Writers!

First of all, my Twitter friend ChristaCarol has a good round-up of some contests/giveaways going on in the blogosphere (does anyone actually like that word??).

Here is a FANTASTIC contest where you could receive a 40 page (yep, you read that correctly, FORTY pages) critique from 7-figure-book-deal garnering agent Suzie Townsend (among other prizes).

Author Elana Johnson is running a contest in conjunction with the one above where you could win one of SEVEN signed books!

Over at Guide to Literary Agents, Chuck Sambuchino has a contest for all of you Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance writers! You could win a 20 page critique by the contest judge, Joanna Stampfel-Volpe

If you know of any other contests/giveaways going on, please share them in the comments!

In other, unrelated news: A woman named Sarah Fisk has self-published a fantasy post-apocalyptic novel. It's not me. Now I wonder if I should write under a pen name when I become published. ;-) 

In related news to the unrelated news, fabulous agent Rachelle Gardner has a pretty great post for those who are thinking about self-publishing.