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My Happy List

Hello Dear Readers! I haven't written much here that isn't book reviews, so after seeing this post on my friend Angela's blog, I started thinking about my own happy list. She asked her blog readers what kind of simple things make them happy. Here are my answers:
  • When Jasper (my 45 lb chihuahua) lays on my freezing feet in bed - or really any kind of puppy cuddling
  • A really good hug
  • A book that makes you want to live in its world
  • A beautiful day - like today (I'm waiting for K to finish eating so we can go for a walk!) when I don't have to work
  • The first bite of a molten-esque brownie sundae
  • A seamless Firefly reference in regular conversation
  • Great conversation with friends over wine
  • The smell of lavender on my freshly-washed sheets
  • Hearing a sincere "I can't wait to read the next chapter" in crit group
  • Laughing so hard it makes my cheeks sore
I'm sure there are more things that should be on this list, but that's all I can think of right now. What's on your list??


I <3 Nathan Fillion. That is all. :P

Enjoyed your post!


Haha! You and me both Christa!