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Bike Month!

Wow. I wrote this post a few days ago, but then things kinda went crazy on the blog. I just want to say thanks to EVERYONE who commented, spread the story and sent messages of support. Frankly, I'm excited mainly because of the discussions everyone was and is having on the subject. It's a sensitive issue and I believe the solutions to everyone's concerns require a balance and the Orlando Public Library has gone just a little too far on the conservative side. When I walked into that library I never thought I'd start a national conversation that involved at least two NYT Bestselling Authors. Of course, I never thought I wouldn't be allowed to look at certain books without a chaperone either.

Now, for a far less controversial and probably more boring (to you. it's exciting to me) subject:

In honor of the last day of Walk Month, Jasper and I went on a particularly long walk near my apartment. Then I went to the farmer's market and walked around downtown Orlando for the rest of the morning. I really enjoyed February's challenge and I think the habit will subsist now that the month is over. I can't say that I took a walk every day, but I did on most. And I tried to take longer walks when I had missed one.

So, assuming I averaged 30 minutes a day, I walked for 14 hours this month just for the sake of walking. That's approximately 49 miles (remember, these were leisurely walks) and 3800 calories burned. When you look at it that way, it's pretty awesome.

While walking around on Sunday, I decided - more than likely the FANTASTIC weather greatly affected my decision - that March will be Bike Month. This means I will ride my bike (or walk) to everywhere within 7 miles of my house. I had plenty of time to think about it Sunday morning and I came up with some rules:
  • 7 miles means the distance I would have to bike as opposed to drive. Since you can't ride a bike on the highway, these distances often differ.
  • I will not bike if it is unsafe and I have to go somewhere at that time. This includes rain, bad neighborhoods and questionable neighborhoods at night.
  • If someone else is going to the same place I am, I can ride with them but I can't ask someone to take me somewhere.
  • I can drive if I am going to have to carry something that is so big/heavy as to make bike travel unsafe
  • And finally, I can drive if it's to an interview. (Let's hope I get to use this caveat soon!)

On the way home from work the other day, I took a slight detour to check out some of my favorite local places and many of them don't have bike racks! Publix and Barnes & Noble do, but Bento and Firehouse Subs don't. This should be interesting...

I'm a little scared of this month, but I'm also very excited! For those of you doing your own YOM, what is your MARCH CHALLENGE?


The main Chicago library has a similar policy. The teen section is locked down until 1pm. Adults are at least allowed in there, but if it's a mom with a kid, forget it. And when I DO go on there, I get followed and watched. I don't like feeling like a criminal just because I want to read some books they want to segregate. Like you said, I don't care about teens having a "safe space", but I DO care that they are locking down books and restricting access. It's just another form of censorship.