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The Year of Months

Go Outside!

I have remarkably low blood pressure for someone who has faced a lot of stress over the past year. I think it's because of my "it will all work out ok" philosophy. Then a month like the last makes me doubt: what if it doesn't work out?

Then I have a day like today and my faith is renewed. After running some errands, I decided it was time for my daily YOM walk, despite the icky weather and dark clouds. Not wanting to bore myself with the tediousness of my neighborhood, I asked Jessica (the name of my GPS on my phone) where the nearest park was.

She brought me to Shadow Bay Park. A place only 2.5 miles from my house though I never knew it existed. It's a great urban park, with loads of tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, picnic pavillions and walking trails.

I parked my truck and just started walking - probably not the best idea for someone who can get lost in a parking lot, but whatevs. I knew it would all work out... right?

I walked past the tennis courts and saw two fathers on different courts coaching their daughters, both of them probably hoping for the next Serena Williams. I rounded the corner of the sidewalk and the blue sky struck me like a warm slap in the face. There were clouds in every direction, but not above the park. I unzipped my jacket and took another turn into the mangroves and young pines struggling to grow in the sandy earth.

Soon after, an unpaved trail swerved off to the right and I hopped on it, ignoring the fact I was wearing my work shoes and jeans. The ever-present sound of traffic was never fully muffled by the trees or drowned out by the chirping birds and scattering wildlife, but for a moment, I forgot I was in the middle of a tourist's city. I grinned when the warm sun shone on my face and forced me to remove my jacket. The sandy path wound close to the paved path several times but I stayed on the soft ground each time, tipping my metaphorical hat to Robert Frost.

Finally, my path dumped me out into a parking lot. Not looking forward to trying to navigate my way back to my truck, I rounded the corner and couldn't help but smile when I saw that dirty front bumper with the Gatorhead license plate. As I drove away, I noticed the dark gray clouds moving in on my blue sky.

On another, though related, topic. I've thought for a long time that people these days don't spend enough time outside. With the internet, TV, facebook, twitter, and - oh yeah - responisbilities, most peole just don't find the time. If you're not doing any sort of Year of Months challenge with me, I will challenge you with this one task: Go Outside. Whether it's full-on rock climbing or just a 30 minute walk in the dense vegitation of a city park, it will do you some good.