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The Year of Months

Non-Fiction Month So Far

I was finally able to get to the library on January 4th. Until then, I read Donald Maass' The Fire in Fiction, which I bought sometime last year. That is a great book. If you are an aspiring writer, interested in enthralling your readers (and what writer isn't?), you should check it out.

The first post-library book is The Predictioneer's Game, which as about applying game theory to predict and engineer outcomes of political and corporate situations. I devoured the first 80 or so pages, but I've slowed down now. I mean, this post is evidence enough of that. I am writing it instead of reading!

Most of the criticism of this book talks about how Bueno de Mesquita writes more about his predictions (and how often they are correct) than about the theory, but that's kind of what the book is about, as I see it. Could you imagine if he didn't provide any examples? And where else would he get examples except from his own experience?

I don't know why I'm losing interest. I'm still interested in the subject, but I feel like it's already repeating information - as if this book was meant for a less well-read or intelligent audience. I'm going to bowl through the end and I'm hoping this isn't one of those books that has ended long before it is over.


No more new posts? :( I enjoyed the month of posts.