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The Year of Months

My Month of Non-Fiction... sort of

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I sort of failed on Non-Fiction Month.

I definitely read more NF than usual - that's easy because 'usual' is none - but I did not read an hour a day. Probably not even close, if you average it up.

I don't consider it a total failure, however. I now know that I simply don't enjoy NF reading. Even when I make a concentrated effort, I can't focus on it. I find ANY excuse to do something (anything!) else. It's not my thing and I'm totally OK with that. It is a little surprising though given how much I love to read and how much I love to learn new things. You would think that would be a perfect combination for a NF reader, but you would apparently be wrong. I prefer lectures, discussions and Nova programming.

There are, of course, exceptions. I really enjoyed reading The Numerati and I will occasionally devour a book on an interesting subject. I hate memoirs. There, I said it. Sorry, I can't stand them. Not even a little. I just don't care. Other people think they are 'charming' or 'inspiring' but I think they are 'boring' and 'oh please, gag me now, stop whining.' That's probably just me, though.

I haven't decided for sure yet what February's theme is going to be. I was thinking making it Walk Month, because I hear that these walks are good for thinking out complicated things and helping you find your center - which are two things I could definitely use more of these days. Or maybe Photo Month. What do y'all think?

In other news, I received an @ reply on Twitter from both Laurie Halse Anderson and Firehouse Subs in the past week. Like I told my sister, "I'm pretty much a celebrity now." Haha! No, but seriously, you should have seen K and I when we discovered the reply from LHA. We were like a couple of giggling fan girls at an RPatz sighting.

Until next time...


It's February theme time already?? Thanks for the reminder. I didn't do so terribly on my positive comments January goal. On Twitter, it's harder because I can't help but reply to something dumb with a not so positive response. Argh.

Which one of us is writing the blast email to remind the Ning group about their February project? I totally nominate you :)

[Okay, why is my word verification "hypusi"? Hahahha]