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The Year of Months

And January is...

January is...

I'm usually more organized than this. You, Dear Reader, know that.


Until about five minutes ago (originally written around 6pm), I didn't know which monthly challenge was going to happen in January. I had it narrowed down to 10 (out of 10). Then I ate some sausage at dinner, so vegetarian month was out. Some of the months require a little more preparation than what I have time for today.

Luckily, I had the presence of mind to throw Donald Maass' The Fire in Fiction in my bag before work today. As a result, I hereby declare January Non-Fiction Month .

Reading The Fire in Fiction isn't exactly in the true spirit (as I see it) of NF Month so I promise to go to the library tomorrow (or Sunday). It's just too close to my reading comfort zone to be a challenge but it will do for a day or two.

So my question for you is: do you have any recommendations for some good NF? I would like to learn about stuff that I have little to no knowledge on.

NaBloPoMo Wrap-Up

Also, my National Blog Posting Month adventure ended yesterday. I'd like to thank all of you faithful readers who stuck it out with me. It's really not easy trying to come up with a post every single day, but I think it will result in me posting more often. When I started this blog, I only had seventeen posts and this is my 50th. The two most popular posts from December were A Christmas Story and Don't Be a Sore Winner.

Happy 2010!

How was your New Year's? Mine was awesome. I spent it with essentially the same people I rang in 2008 with - and 2008 was a much better year for me than 2009. I hope it will be a great year for all of you! (and me!)


 I recently won a free Wordpress theme and I've been thinking about switching this blog and my website to that, if I can figure out the technicalities. I have some experience with Wordpress blogs, but not the full version. Do any of you have experience with Wordpress? What do you think?

Also, which theme should I pick? I like f0101 and Foreword Thinking and Papercut and ProudFolio.


My vote is for 'Papercut.' 'Forward Thinking' and 'ProudFolio' are too dark.


So many choices! Post screen shots and invite your off-blog friends to come in and vote. A running tally should take up your entire nablo January. :) Congrats, again!


I just read Into Thin Air by Krauker and would highly recommend it.