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The Year of Months

Year of Months: It's Going to Happen

Hello everyone! I can't believe Christmas is only five days away. It just got 'cold' (50-ish) today. K and I are going to Universal tomorrow - we were supposed to go today, but I didn't wake up. I have a season pass that only runs until the end of the year, so we're trying to go as much as possible until then.

I just wanted to thank everyone for voting on what I should do for my Year of Months. These are the months that won out (listed in order of popularity):

1) Photo Month (It's going to be tough for me, but I'll see what I can do. I'm no photographer)
2) Recipe Month (I guess y'all want me to share recipes, huh?)
3) Bike Month (Should help me loose some weight!)
4) Shop Locally Month (This is going to take some research before-hand!)
5) Post-card Month (I'm excited for this one! - Send me your updated address!)
6) Craft Month (Oh gosh, what have I got myself into?)
7) Walk Month (many of the great writers were huge proponents of taking daily walks, so maybe it will rub off on me a little)
8) Conversation Month (Like Paddy said, this will force me out of my comfort zone. Three years ago, I wouldn't see this as a challenge at all, but I'm a different person now)
9) Vegetarian Month (yikes, K says she won't do this with me... so that will be tough)
10) Non-Fiction Month (This was tie between Non-fiction Month, Dress Month, and Geocache month, but I chose my favorite of the three.)

So which month do y'all think I should do first?  I would go in order, but there is a chance I may be moving in April, which would make it impossible to shop locally. I plan on saving something like walking or postcards for that month. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!!


OH Pooh! What happened to my suggestion!