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The Year of Months

Year Of Months - Choose My Fate

For those of you who subscribe via RSS or Reader, sorry for the double post today. I couldn't wait until next Sunday to post this.

On Sunday I came up with the idea (one I'm sure I will regret in the next 10 months) to do a "Year of Months." Each month I will participate in a self-imposed challenge meant to broaden my horizons and shift my perspectives. I initially came up with five ideas (in addition to NaNoWriMo in November and NaBloPoMo in December). Then people gave me additional ideas on Facebook and in my original post. Since then, I've also had ideas pop into my head.

I'll be doing all of this on top of my normal life: Work, Foundation work, working out, general responsibilities.

Some of the Months will cost me quite a bit of time, while some may actually save me time. I will blog about each month here. Some months I will have a lot to say, and some months I may have very little to say. Since I now have more than enough ideas to fill a year and you, Dear Readers, will be the ones bored or entertained by my ramblings, I would be honored if you would vote on which months I should do. (It's like a Reality Show, but in real life!)

I couldn't find an in-blog poll option that let me do everything I wanted to (multiple select, more than 10 answers), so please go HERE to vote. Just to be clear, I am counting November's NaNoWriMo and December's NaBloPoMo as the first two months. You have four days to vote!


Shop Locally, Vegetarian, Recipe - even if it's only for a month, you'll at least be more likely and able to do these things more often

Conversation - THIS is the one real "get out of yer comfy zone" month

"non-fiction" - Much better than fiction


Here's a thought for you, kid: Find something historical and local and dig into it. Something like the Erie Canal in CNY or the Chisolm Trail for folks in Texhoma. How about something to do with the original indians that lived in north/central Fla and were or were not evacuated by Andrew Jackson way back when. Just remember moderation in all things and don't forget the library. (silly grin)