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Smokers Piss Me Off

I am upset about a number of things today, so I'm going to stick to a safe(ish) topic today.

Yesterday I went to Universal Studios. There was a guy on the moving walkway smoking a cheap cigarette, blowing it around just as casually as anything. Of course, everyone behind him was trapped in the wake of his poisonous cloud but who cares? He was happy as a lark, feeding his addiction.

If you want to smoke, go ahead. I don't care. In fact, by all means, suck in that butane, arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, carbon monoxide, ammonia, cyanide and 43 known carcinogens as fast as you can. As long as I don't have to breathe it in.

What is that you say? I should simply avoid smokers? In the famous words of Robin Williams, "F**k Off!" Really?? I should have to go out of my way to avoid your noxious fumes? I should avoid 90% of public places because you're not thoughtful enough to stick to the smoking sections (and don't get me started on smoking sections in restaurants, what a joke - thank God I live in Florida)? Are you fraking kidding me?

And now, with the prospect of nationalized health-care, I have to pay for your stupid ass when you have complications resulting from a lifetime of gulping down poisons.

That's just stupid. If you insist on slowly killing yourself there are much more pleasant ways to do it that don't affect me.


I agree!
"The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins."



I must say.. I have been an on-and-off again season pass holder at Universal, and I never realized that they allowed smoking on the property - unless it was in specific areas. The only areas I have seen have been in the parks.

However, no matter where I have seen them, I have to agree with you - people who smoke should try to stick to areas in which smoking is permitted. It's my opinion, and I know that. But some common sense wouldn't be out of the question, now would it?



They don't allow it except in marked smoking areas, but that's part of the problem: people like this guy don't care. They think it's their 'right' to smoke anywhere they want.



I agree to a large extent. However...I must say that some smoking is more than acceptable...its even appreciated! For example...when you were walking down the people mover...I am SURE you must have been SMOKIN! I enjoy watching hot like you walk down the walkway!

heh heh sorry...couldnt resist!


Well, there's either pay his bills as part of the same insurance copmany, pay his bills as part of general health care costs as he declares medical bankruptcy and disburses his financial burden to everyone, or pay a portion of his bills as part of a zero sum or revenue gain government health plan.

With or without adoption of any new plans, he's your financial responsibility.

It would just be nice if you didn't have to deal with him while he recreationally smells bad.