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Sleep Deprivation and Not Being a Sore Winner

I woke up approximately 24 hours ago, watched the Gators lose the SEC championship, watched a room full of herbal supplements for nine hours and then stood at the door of aforementioned room for seven hours. Now here I am, sleep deprived, doing a blog post before I pass out because I know I won't wake up before midnight.

Can you say "dedication to a self-imposed writing challenge"?

You would think that Sunday's topic - the vague 'Personal' - would be the easiest because it is so broad and I could pretty much write about anything. But you would be wrong. Like 2+2=7 wrong. Then again, there is a chance that my sleep deprivation would make for a more interesting than normal post. Of course, there's also an equally viable chance that it will result in an inane, unintelligible and/or mundane post.

I just considered ending this post here, but writing a post just to tell you I wasn't really going to write a post really isn't in the spirit of National Blog Posting Month - and I'm a glutton for punishment.

Unless you've being under a rock out of wireless range, you know by now that the Gators lost the SEC championship yesterday (was that yesterday? I don't know what day is it anymore) to Alabama. For Florida fans this stings deeply. Not only was it sad to see Timmy (yeah, that's what I call him), who had experienced such a fantastic college football career, end it that way (ok, there's a bowl game but it's just not the same), but it had been so long since we lost a big game that I forgot what it felt like. No really, I'm not saying this to brag or whatever. Remember, I was a student at UF during the cursed Zook Era: I had forgotten how much it sucks when your favorite team loses.

But do you know what sucks more? Mean People. I'm not talking about the people who cheered for Alabama. I was talking about people who 'cheered' against Florida. I'm talking about the people who, having no other reason to cheer for Bama than they knew some poor Florida fan whose soul they wanted to crush, were rude insulting jerk-faces. I'm talking about one particular person who thought it was fun to tease my sister about the loss until she wanted to remove him from her Facebook friends. I mean... really... why? Grow up!

As much as I love Gator Football, it's just football. Channel all that energy and aggressiveness into something like this or anything here.

So there's my random sleep-deprived rambling for today. I hope to be more coherent tomorrow for my Things I Don't Like post... which I suppose this blog subject could also fall under...

Until next time...


OK, so far I've heard of three friendships ruined by non-Gator fans being a-holes about the game. It's so ridiculous that I don't have words to put to it. Are you kidding me? It's one of those things that is so stupid I can't even think of anyway to respond... like internet trolls - but except that I know these people!

This is all I ask: Before you send that eighth harassing text or post that sixth hateful status update ask yourself if your poisonous spite is worth losing a friend. If your answer is yes... well, I don't want you as my friend anyway.

See a comment left on my facebook: "Yep, I unfriended someone for showing his true colors yesterday. I'm glad there's more to my life to give me joy than hating on a school and a 22 year old football player."

Also, see a comment from one of my Bama friends who isn't a jerk-face: "Players don't win championships teams do. I have the utmost respect for Tebow, but the best team won today #RTR #rolltide" <- Way to stay classy.


Indeed, There are some very poor sports when it comes to football, especially it seems, when it comes to Mr. Timmy Tebow...I saw many many people who I know to be FSU or Georgia fans rooting for the Gators to lose and Tebow to get hurt. I get it, you don't like us, but why do you have to wish ill on poor Tebow? He's a class act and a good football player. One more game and he will never play college ball again. Get over it. His college career is over, let him play out his time and move on to the pros healthy.

And while I was lucky enough to not encounter anything worse than playful teasing, I know its out there. Its just a game people, and you didn't play in it, so your team winning doesn't make you better than me and it doesn't give you the right to harass me.


I'm a BIG Miami Dolphins fan! One funny thing about being a Dolphins fan though is all your most hated rivals live in the New York/New England area. So it's hard to make friends that are from the other side down here in Florida.

Since I spend so much time watching NFL football it's very hard to invest much time into watching college football too. But the times I've seen Tim Tebow he seemed like a really Awesome guy both on and off the feild. I saw a show that talked about how Tim Tebow helped out a foundation dedicated to a 15 year old boy who died playing high school JV football. Tim was really great and he helps out other charities too. Anyone who can't stop slinging that much hate at such a great human being just because he kicked their teams butt at football has real issues.

As far as college teams go, my favorite team is Syracuse because my Grandpa went there. My sister went to Auburn so I like them. I also like Pitt because Dan Marino went there and all Big East teams because Syracuse and Pitt are in the Big East. Then I like UCF, Florida, USF and FSU (Not miami though) because I like my home state a lot and like supporting our teams. I also like Big 10 teams because most of my U.S. family is from the midwest and likes them. That sounds kind of complicated lol

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