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The Year of Months

A Picture: My New Laptop!

This is a picture of my brand new shiny laptop! I know it's not a very good picture, because the laptop is so shiny that my poor little cell phone camera can't handle it.(It may also have something to do with the incredibly poor lighting where I'm sitting.)

This laptop is an early Christmas present from my Aunt Susie. She bought one for both my sister and I. Originally it was just supposed to be for Kayelee and I was happy with that because she is ALWAYS using my computer (though it's dilapidated and broken and battery-less) because she doesn't have one of her own that works.  But Kayelee told my aunt how poorly my old laptop was faring, so now we have twins!

It's an Asus laptop. We didn't need anything too crazy since neither of us are gamers and we pretty much use them for documents and surfing the internet. Kayelee, however, did want a built in webcam so that she could do video blogs a la Brigitte Dale (who often reminds me of K).

So, I'm sorry because this post is probably only interesting to me, but it's the most exciting thing that's happened to me in a while! So, here's an extra picture to ease your boredom (it's from my new webcam!):


Congrats! What a kind Aunt and useful gifts! Your writing is fostered by having more dependable tools to work with. Keep it up!


You girls are so spoiled by your Aunt Susie! Make sure you thank her profusely! haha