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A Picture... and A Thousand Words

Today, my sister told me that my blog posts were 'too serious' and that I needed to add some humor to them. Honestly? I can't do funny. Not in writing. I am occasionally funny in coversation, I suppose, but it is a dry humor. Doesn't translate well to the page/screen. So if you're looking for funny, I'm sorry to say you're in the wrong place.

So, my intent for Thursday posts was to take a picture sometime during the week and use that as a prompt. However, since I decided to do this approximately an hour ago, I'm cheating a little today and using a picture I've had in my phone for a while. Some might also consider it cheating because it's a picture, but it's a picture of words. Oh well. I have to work in 35 minutes (at 11pm) but I'm sitting in our lunch room typing this up. Apparently, when it comes to self-imposed National Whatever Whatever Month literary challenges, I wait until the last minute. So, without further ado...

I took this picture near the end of March last year. I was sitting at a chinese buffet place waiting for my dining partner to get done in the bathroom so that we could leave. I didn't really know why I took it (at the time) but it was sitting there in front of me and I felt compelled.

After I moved back down to Florida, I set this picture as my phone background image for a while. I vaguely remember someone making fun of me for it, but I liked it. Again, I didn't really know why.

Just yesterday, when I was browing through the pictures on my phone, I ran across this picture again. I suddenly realized why it struck such a chord with me. Since high school, I have never been one to just sit around and wait for things to happen. If something needed to happen, I took action. The biggest example of this is when I started a chapter of an engineering sorority while I was in school. I saw a need for a close-knit support group for female engineers and I took the steps to fill that need.

However, since I was laid off (the first time) I drifted away from this. I was letting my path choose me instead of the other way around and I was miserable for it. I let circumstances put distance - measured by something more substantial than miles - between me and people important to me. I let some people stay in my life too long that I should have booted. I let my writing slide to the back banner.

I'm working my way back to that person I was before, but I'm not all the way back.

Ok, so this post didn't do too much to lighten the mood did it? Well tomorrow's topic is the Book Biz so I'll see what I can do to be less emo for that. I've been reading quite a bit lately and some of the books I'm very excited about.

Until next time...


Sarah, I really enjoyed this blog! Probably because I really feel like I can relate. Maybe not in the literacy sense, but I definitly feel as if I have let my life take over me. I feel like somehow I have lost myself, and it wasn't only until recently that I started coming to terms with this, heck, I still am! But I have recognized it, which is the first step right (!), and I feel like I am ready to take charge back of my life and choose to walk down the path to find myself once again! Kudos :)


I liked the blog, I too need to choose my path. I've been wrestling with some decisions for some time and feel that I need to take some action. Thanks for the inspiration.


Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it!