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The Year of Months

New Year Resolutions

I have never made a New Year Resolution. Nope, not once. I guess you could say that Year of Months is sort of a resolution since it's only a happy accident that November and December fall into it, but I think I might take a go at some real resolutions this year.

1. Lose weight
This is probably number one on most people's list of resolutions, but it's come to the point where I really need to start paying attention to it. My metabolism has never been that fast, so the slowing down that happens with age is hitting me doubly hard. I need to get back into doing athletic activities that I enjoy like hiking, rock climbing and racquetball because I HATE working out on a tread mill or an elliptical. It seems like you're just there, counting the seconds until you can get off.

2. Education
I want to read more non-fiction and learn more things. I've always been interested in learning new things but I somehow forget that when I'm staring face-to-screen with facebook, twitter, and computer games. Everytime I watch a Nova show I think, Why don't I do this more often? So I'm going to. And maybe look at the OC Library to see if they have any kind of informative talks coming up.

3. Miranda's Fire
I want to finish editing Miranda's Fire and make my first real go at getting an agent before the year is over. I know some people (Kayelee) that would prefer I do this with Brigid's Cross (yes, I am aware of the similar structure of my titles, but y'all voted on Miranda's Fire so that's not my fault), but I just can't focus on Brigid right now. I've learned so much since writing the first draft that I am wary of how much work it's going to be to bring it up to shape. That and I can't figure out how to end it.

So what do y'all think? Do you have any New Year Resolutions for 2010?


I want to buy my published copy of Miranda's Fire in the year ahead!


haha, you may have to make that a 2011 or 2012 resolution ;-)