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The Year of Months

Help Me Understand: Mean People

HAHA! I just realized that I did today's topic yesterday. So I'll do yesterday's today.

Can someone explain to me why people are so mean? What do they get out of being rude and mean towards complete strangers?

Are they miserable and want to make everyone around them just as miserable? Do they not realize how poorly they are treating those around them?

When I smile at people I am waiting in line with at the Post Office or pass on the way in to a store, why do they scowl at me like I just called them a bad name? Why, when people have to wait five minutes longer in line than they expect, do they insist on yelling at the poor customer service representatives who are getting paid minimum wage and doing the best they can despite the fact they can't actually change anything?

Where's the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT people??

I'll leave you with this one thought: