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Enver Gjokaj

It's my first time writing on this topic and I've struggled for several hours to find a topic I want to write about. I've just now decided that it would be much easier to take away a word from the topic: Things I Don't Like. (See, technically I didn't change the topic so much as alter it... slightly)

I was watching USA today and Law & Order Criminal Intent came on. I like the original and SVU, but I don't usually watch this one. However, I didn't change the channel because Enver Gjokaj (En-vair Jo-kai) was starring in this particular episode.

The only really popular thing he's done is Dollhouse. He plays Victor (pictured above) and is by far the best actor on the show. I'm not just saying this because he's cute and charming either; he is truly amazing. In the most recent episode, he played an imprint (you'd have to see the show) of Topher and it was so spot-on that many people thought he had been dubbed. The voice patterns, mannerisms, everything were so completely perfect.

Why am I writing about this? Well, if you don't watch Dollhouse, there's a good chance you've never noticed this guy and I REALLY think you should. The main reason I am so disappointed that Dollhouse is not returning after this season is because I am going to miss seeing Enver on my television. So I want him to get something else, and quick. He's extremely diverse so I'm sure that won't be a huge problem, but you should really check him out on this season of Dollhouse just in case.

See? Wasn't that better than an angry rant?  Thought so. (especially with the picture!)