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E-Book Pandemonium

Friday is Book Biz day (for December)! I decided I'd chat a little about what everyone else is talking about these days: E-books.

For those of you who haven't heard, several major publishers have chosen to delay certain electronic versions of their books for four months after the release of the hard copy. FOUR MONTHS. They think this will help them sell more physical books. It might; for books that are highly anticipated and people can't wait for them. But in the long run, I think it's going to hurt authors.

The thing is, publicity is done based on the release date of a book. So unless publishers are willing to do a second publicity push when the electronic version is launched (which I'm pretty sure they aren't), no one will have heard anything about the book for three months when it's released.

Not to mention that the whole thing will probably just piss people off, which will both give people 'justification' for pirating e-books and encourage people to buy books from other publishers.

I believe there are far better options than this, as many people have proposed. Some of which include:
  • Bundling e-books with hard copies.
  • Releasing them after hard copies, but only two or three weeks.
  • Man up and accept that E-books are happening, whether you like it or not.
  • Others
I don't know the solution to this 'problem,' but there has to be something better than this. Luckily, these publishers are allowing authors to opt out of this policy - I just hope the authors are smart enough to do it.

Just my thoughts. What are yours?


Man up and accept it is happening. I still buy hard copies. But after I have checked out the ebook version. (unless it's an author I love). Actually most of my ebooks I "borrow" from the library.

This is just going to lead to a lot of piracy of the books. You just need someone with a scanner.

On a plus side this is going to help independent authors. If you can't get the book you want for your kindle, but there is an independent author's book in the same genre, you might just check it out.