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The Year of Months

Christmas Cheer!

It's Christmas Eve in the Florida Keys. It got so warm that we had to turn the air conditioner on. On Christmas Eve. Just sayin'

We have six people and eight (7 chihuahuas and Jasper) dogs. My aunt's flight was cancelled (they should arrive tomorrow night), else we would have nine people. If she was planning on bringing her dogs, that would have made ten dogs. The really fun part is that two of the dogs are Hannah's daughters, who she tries to kill everytime she sees them.

We left Orlando at 4 am this morning to drive the 5ish hour trip here. Kayelee slept.

It's my grandma's70th birthday today! She never had champagne and wanted to try it so I brought some with me. She didn't like it. Haha. But she was kind of excited when the cork shot across the room and hit the ceiling. Afterwards, she helped me put stuff together for a Foundation campaign. She can't see very well, but she wanted to help and did so by putting stamps on the letters.

The other day Kayelee was telling me about these two ladies in a Christian book store. One of them said, "Happy Holidays." The other one yelled at her because it was an insult that she didn't say Merry Christmas. Here's my view on the whole matter: I don't get upset if someone says Happy Holidays to me, but I refuse to be required to say it to others. I celebrate Christmas. To me, it still holds all the magic and meaning those Hallmark movies are about. Despite what JC Penney's and Best Buy try to tell you, it's about peace and love and sharing. That's what I'm saying when I wish you a Merry Christmas. If you have a problem with that, then you have bigger issues.

That's all I really have to say today. I hope that you all arrived to your Holiday destination safely.

Have a Merry Christmas!