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Book Biz Blogs and Favorite Books


For this edition of the Book Biz, I wanted to share some of my favorite book industry blogs.

Nathan Bransford's blog is a delightful mix of cleverness, information and entertainment. He's a literary agent and an author.

Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent, is the most positive agent blogger I've come across. She has a passion for helping authors succeed and it really shines through in this blog.

Though they always joke about her being the "mean one," Janet Reid's blog betrays that image by offering great insight to its readers. Her take-no-prisoners style is refreshing and informative.

Moonrat is an editorial assistant who writes great posts with subjects specifically of interest to writers.

Suzie Townsend is a literary assistant. Her blog has occasional insights into the publishing industry but the thing I enjoy most is her book reviews/recommendations. She also holds numerous 'contests' to win things, mainly books! If you're not a writer, but a reader, you'll find plenty in this blog to keep your interest.

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management's blog features postings from several of their agents that are very informative

Of course, I read many many more industry blogs and you can find links to these and more of my favorites on the side bar --->
The ones above are just the ones that I ALWAYS read, the ones that I'll stop working on other stuff to read when they show up in my Google Reader. What are some of your favorite industry blogs?


I also wanted to mention some of my recent favorite books. I've been reading quite a bit over the past few weeks, which makes me extremely happy. If you like to read YA and/or light Sci Fi/Fantasy (and also maybe if you don't, but like to read books) and you haven't read The Hunger Games and the sequel Catching Fire you should run out RIGHT NOW, buy it and read it. 

The third in the series comes out in August. Books are my drug of choice and Catching Fire was like pure Grade A crack. Is there something more addictive than crack? If there is, Catching Fire was that.

Just an FYI, Hunger Games was obviously written to be stand-alone while it's obvious Catching Fire was written with a sequel in mind, so the the end won't be as satisfying and you'll have to wait until August to figure out what happens to our heroes. Still way worth it though.

How about you? Have you read any un-put-downable books lately?

*This post was originally posted on December 4th, but I made small edits at 230 AM


Now that we know the final book of the Hunger Games series comes out August 24th 2010. I can finally start counting down the seconds!



I don't subscribe to any industry web-logs (sometimes referred to as blawgs) but I do subscribe to a few legal news podcasts.

- Jacob