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The Year of Months

Blog Post A Day for A Month!

So, I have 23 minutes to write this or I've already screwed up on the second day of the month. Yesterday I asked on Twitter/FB what people thought about me doing a post a day for a month and if they would read.  Well, only one person said they would read (Hey Jackie!), but I figured I'd do it anyway.

My sister tried this last month, but had trouble thinking of blog post subjects, so I thought I'd structure it a little bit more... cuz I'm an organization FREAK.  Here's the plan*:

Monday: Things I Don't Like **
Tuesday: Teaser Tuesday
Wednesday: Help Me Understand
Thursday: A Picture ... and a Thousand Words
Friday: The Book Biz
Saturday: Geek Out
Sunday: Personal

I hope you'll accompany me in this month of scribbles. My main motivation for doing this is to get back into the habit of blogging. It always seems that I start a blog, write a decent amount at first and then let it fall in to disuse but I would like to prevent that this time around. There isn't a length requirement; the only requirement is that I post every day. Remember to kick my butt if I start to slack off!

* Plan subject to change at any time without warning.
** AKA "The World According to Sarah"  Inspired by my ex-coworker who said her dream was to host a talk show and when she got one she would have a weekly segment of The World According to Sarah. Also, the PG version of "Things That Piss Me Off"


I'll go ahead and add this to my list of daily websites then.