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AVATAR, my thoughts

I am switching Friday's and Saturday's topics so that I can blog about Avatar today. I had the privilege of attending the midnight showing of the IMAX 3D of Avatar tonight thanks to an Orlando Sci Fi fan Meetup group I'm a part of (though, to be honest, this is the first event I attended). The people I met were fun to talk to. It was also the first showing in the new IMAX theater at Universal Cineplex, so that was pretty awesome (my sister loved it because she is kinda crazy when it comes to germs).

The movie was undoubtedly beautiful. I'm talking breath-taking, eye-popping, awe-inspiring kind of gorgeous. In one scene, I felt it was a little heavy on the glowing plants and it reminded me of those indoor blacklight putt putt places (my sister said the same thing), but other than that it was perfect. The detail was amazing: from the reflections of computer graphics in wall monitors to Jake Sully's withered legs (from being in a wheel chair) to every plant and animal.

The entire movie was obviously designed to be shot in 3D, as opposed to those that they show in 3D and throw a few things in as an after thought. The score and sound was amazing. It felt like the ground actually shook when the pachyderm-ish animals ran through.

Everyone pretty much knew it was going to be a very visually pleasing movie, but what most people doubted was the plot. I'm probably not the right person to talk about this (though I will try and will also try to avoid spoilers). Most people who know me, know that I'm not too discerning when it comes to movies. If it basically makes sense and cool stuff happens (like explosions or, you know, flying on the back of a BFB - Big F'ing Bird), I'm happy. There are occasional plots that make me want to throw stuff at the screen, and this was not one of them. (Glowing recommendation?)

The plot was very similar to Pocahontas, except the ending. The general idea was similar to The Sky People by SM Stirling. For those who are well versed in Sci-Fi/Fantasy books and movies, it's going to be a little predictable and cliched. I knew who the real baddie was the moment he/she appeared on the screen. I knew what was going to help the protagonists win before the fight even started.

A LOT of the characters are cliches. Like the baddie, Michele Rodriguez's character, the male almost-antagonist among the natives. I'm pretty sure that Norm guy was bi-polar (but with swings happening much quicker) and I'm also pretty sure he could have been completely removed from the movie without losing anything.

My sister thought that the movie was political, but I try not to read too much into movies when it comes to that kind of stuff. Though, I know the fact that the corporation and all the decision makers for it were American was no mistake.

In summary, the plot wasn't exactly groundbreaking but this is definitely a movie you're going to want to see in the theater. If you can see it an IMAX, do it!