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2009 NaNoWriMo Novel Title

Hey everyone! I recently asked for suggestions for the title of my 2009 NaNo Novel. I hate working on a project without a name, so I need a title, even if it is just a working title. I got LOTS of suggestions (thanks to my new writerly friend Adam for many of them) so now, as promised, we are going to vote!  Why? Because I love democracy and I believe in acceding to the will of the people.

And I can't decide on my own.

So, to aid you in making an informed decision, I will do a more in-depth summary than what is on my NaNoWriMo page. I will try to keep spoilers down as much as possible, for those of you who are reading it.

When the novel begins Miranda, a powerful Fire Mage, is three days shy of turning 16, the age when Mages are permitted to use their magic without supervision. This means she can't participate in The Tournament, which is the way modern Mages test their offensive skills since they haven't even seen a demon in over 150 years. Miranda's father died when she was four years old so her mother, a successful Psychic Mage, has raised her alone. A young Paladin (a race of Holy Warriors blessed by the angel Michael with special skills and charged with the protection of the human race) named Gadriel is the charge of a Paladin who accompanies Miranda's mother to the Tournament and is staying at their estate in Atlanta.

During the opening ceremonies of the Tournament the Coliseum is attacked by demons. Many Mages are killed, but most are taken prisoner - including Miranda's mother. Miranda receives a psychic message from her mother telling her to find her Great Aunt Audrey who will be able to help her rescue the Mages. She is joined in this journey by Tammy, a witch - a Mage with no elemental power, and James, a Water Mage and the dead Council Minister's only son.

After several demon attacks, they find Great Aunt Audrey, who is living a lonely magic-less existence in New Mexico. Great Aunt Audrey gives Miranda two books, The Book of Under and The Book of Over, and tells her that she must not read them because the knowledge will make her power crazed. Great Aunt Audrey hints that she knows this from personal experience. She also tells them a Mage would have had to speak the spell that released the demons from their home and agrees that someone must have ordered them to take the Mages hostage, as demons are like animals and don't have the capacity to plan something of that magnitude.

They do a spell to find a lost Mage to find Miranda's mother, but the spell cannot locate her - or Gadriel's Master. They theorize that the Mages are being held in the demon's home dimension, thought it's also just as likely that they are dead. They then discover that the demons are crossing over at 'doorways,' a finite number of locations where the veil between their world and the demon world is weaker.

Now we are getting to the part that is yet unwritten, so this is general and liable to change:

The four teens will set a trap to follow a demon to its home. They will discover the cross-over point, but will be unable to follow a demon. Miranda will finally cave and allow herself to use a spell from the Book of Under to peak into the demon world. There is no spell to cross over to the demon world. They will discover that the Mages are being held hostage and will do SOMETHING SECRET to rescue them. In the meantime, they will find out who the traitor who released the demons was and why s/he did it. The traitor will be someone close to Miranda and she will struggle with this, as well as the draw of the dark power of The Book of Under.

So here are the title suggestions. Many are great but only one can win. Leave your vote in the Comments section (I have to approve comments, so don't worry if yours doesn't appear right away). If there are two or three titles that are super close, we may do a Run-Off!

The Last Mages
Miranda's Fire
Miranda the Mage
American Mageling
Magic Learner's Permit
Path to Power
Quest for the Elders
The Return
Return of the Demons
Fly Across the Skies
The Books of Power
Miranda Dakin, Fire Mage
Secret Inferno
Journey of the Mages
Survival of the Mages
Magic's Survival
The Mage Legacy
Demon Fire
The Tournament of the Mages


I actually like "Secret Inferno" the most. I think it's got double meaning in the extended summary. She's a fire mage that escapes notice of the demons, so Miranda is the Secret Inferno. Additionally, the Demons have taken and are hiding the mages somewhere secret and I can only assume it will be tough to rescue them. That's my vote!


I can't decide between "return" and "survival of the mages"



I'm fond of Magic Learner's Permit. It's unique and catchy!


Miranda's Fire all the way. Has the ability for multiple/hidden meaning and is a more unique name (stands out from the rest and immediately binds you to the main character). You could also do something like Miranda Dakin and the {fill in the blank} in Harry Potter style.


No question about it - Miranda's Fire.


I'm drawn to "The Books of Power" mainly becuase Great Aunt Audrey decided to give them to Miranda and then tell her not to read them. In a fairy story this is like the blond heading into the haunted house with the crazed killer just behind the door. You have left yourself lots of paths of development. Good job! Of course, it could be improved by a liberal sprinkling of beer, but that might not go over as well with readers other than me.


Not sure if voting is closed yet, but I definitely like Magic Learner's Permit.

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