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Forced Distraction

April 28, 2009

I have an interview in approximately 25 minutes.  To keep myself from stressing over it, I started thinking about BC. 

Many agents/publishers say that you can easily cut the first 50 pages out of your book without missing anything.  When I looked at BC yesterday, I realized I could probably cut out the first 20 pages (single spaced, TNR size 12).  So that got me to thinking.  I'd hate to lose the scene in the pet store, but the second chapter could easily be pared down drastically without losing anything.  I could leave Chapter 1 where it is or tighten it up and use it as a memory/flashback. 

Once I'm finished I may want to go back and add occasional flashback scenes from ancient Brigid and Lear - ones that hint at what's going on, but don't really give it away.  One of these in the beginning could solve the problem of not really letting the reader know what's going on until 20 pages in.  I'll have to see how they come out though, as they would be more  hard fantasy and less urban fantasy, which I'm way more comfortable with.

So, for those of you who have read up to Aidan's rescue, what do you think?

I'm going to finish the story before I make any major revisions like the ones I'm talking about, but I'm defintely starting to think about it.

ok, killed some time, distracted my overactive mind for a bit... now it's time to focus on the job interview.

Til next time...